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1-new slim imac, 1-new vista machine, 1-new airport extreme

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so I've been searching around the threads here and it seems like everyone's problems deal with like not seeing a wireless connection or not being able to print or not being able to file share and you would think that my situation was pretty common; i

so I've been searching around the threads here and it seems like everyone's problems deal with like not seeing a wireless connection or not being able to print or not being able to file share and you would think that my situation was pretty common; if there is another thread about this please direct me and I apologize if I'm repeating a recent topic.
ok, so i'm setting up a small little network for my aunt, she has a brand new 20" imac slim, two vista machines and one xp laptop. i advised her of getting an airport extreme to share internet. the imac sees and connects to the airpot fine but with vista it does not. vista can clearly see the basestation but won't let me connect to it. i've used a simple WEP key to connect to the base station and basically used defaults for my setting, yes, i am using an "Equivalent Key" for the vista machines but vista just keeps telling me it is unable to connect due to an unknown error.
I've also tried to connect to the basestation with my little cousin's nintendo ds lites and it tells me that it "does not support this type of network security". i mean i just have WEP turned on, are there other settings on the basestation that i need to change? i'm new to the basestation i usually work with the airport express, the setting and stuff are different.
any ideas?
any and every post is much appreciated.

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i reset the basestation and and installed the airport utility on the vista machine and through the vista machine set up the basestation. i still can not connect to the basestation if any sort of encryption is turned on but if the basestation is open then the vista pc connects fine. since it looks like wireless encryption isn't an option; is there a way that i can just keep the connection open and just use a MAC filter?
if they had cable internet it wouldn't be a bandwidth problem, but my aunt and uncle live in a somewhat rural area and they have to have satellite internet which means their download cap is around 17GB per month. if their neighbor knows and steals their bandwidth they'll hit 17GB in no time.
the basestation has the latest firmware and both imac and vista machines have airport utility installed but i still don't understand why i can't turn on wireless security and still have the vista machine connect.
i've tried using every encryption type possible and nothing will let the vista machine jump online; even the airport utility (on the vista machine) won't see the basestation when i turn on any sort wireless security.
thanks cloth542000 for your reply, does anyone have any ideas on what i should do?

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1-new slim imac, 1-new vista machine, 1-new airport extreme

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