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197 MB for 60 songs?

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I've searched to no avail and I'm sure I can't be the only one but ... why is the playlist and/or Library size that is calculated at the bottom always wrong? I just went to backup to a 700MB CD and just realized...I feel quite sure I cannot put 60 so

I've searched to no avail and I'm sure I can't be the only one but ...
why is the playlist and/or Library size that is calculated at the bottom always wrong? I just went to backup to a 700MB CD and just realized...I feel quite sure I cannot put 60 songs on this CD..
Am I missing the totally obvious or is my iTunes missing something totally obvious? Can I change something or????

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Dear Ballerina, iTunes typically imports songs from CDs as AAC (Apple Audio Codec) or .mp3, which takes less space than the original audio on the CD. A 700 MB disc can hold up to 80 minutes of CD-DA audio that will (should) play in any CD player.
The 197 MB calculated at the bottom are right, but they are the size of your songs on disk. When iTunes burns a CD, it will want to make a CD-DA disc, and will therefore de-compress your .mp3 or AAC music into CD-DA format (unfortunately, the quality loss that happens at compression from CD-DA to .mp3 or AAC will remain on your new CDs), and will then be able to fit 80 minutes of audio per CD. If you want to put all the song onto a single disc, you need to ask iTunes to burn an .mp3 CD (in your Preferences > Advanced > Burning), however, the CD you burn will not play in standard CD players, they will need to Be MP3-compatible.
iTunes has a backup function that will backup your entire library on several CDs or DVDs, but they will be data discs that will not play in any CD player, not even MP3 ones I think.
Edit : I see Jason has replied faster than me.

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