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3.1.2 Problems

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Hey there, I have recently upgraded my iPod Touch 2nd Gen 8gb to 3.1.2 and there has been lots of problems; My battery life has decreased, all of my apps stopped working, some of my music, videos and podcasts dont show up There are many more but let

Hey there, I have recently upgraded my iPod Touch 2nd Gen 8gb to 3.1.2 and there has been lots of problems;
My battery life has decreased, all of my apps stopped working, some of my music, videos and podcasts dont show up
There are many more but let me get to the main point
Can i downgrade it back to 3.1.1?

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I have 64Gb iPod touch, and now with the new 3.1.2 now playcount when music played on ipod (but ok when in itunes). When I make restore, it keeps 3.1.2, although it had some prevoius version when i bought it. any way to get the previous version?

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