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If an attribute from an authoritative source is required in different formats for other resources, does the formatting work have to occur when running synchronization on the auth source? In other words, say for a 10-digit phone number I need to save

If an attribute from an authoritative source is required in different formats for other resources, does the formatting work have to occur when running synchronization on the auth source? In other words, say for a 10-digit phone number I need to save just the last 4 digits for one resource ("dddd") and another resource requires it as ("ddd-dddd"). Would my input form/workflow for the auth source be required to set 3 attributes: '', '' and ''?
Am I missing an equivalent to an input form/workflow for processing creates and updates for the 2 non-authoratative sources? I would prefer to run formatting closer to the resource requiring the specific format.

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I do this by splitting up the user form into several files and then including them.
A simple example. Say you have a Resource ResA that ActiveSync runs against. In ResA there is a field firstname in Normalcase while ResB requires the firstname in UPPERCASE and ResC in lowercase.
Heres the code for the ActiveSync user form for ResA (and do NOT use populate global!):
  <ObjectRef type='UserForm' name='ResB-UserForm' />
  <ObjectRef type='UserForm' name='ResC-UserForm' />
<FormRef name='ResB-UserForm' />
<FormRef name='ResC-UserForm' />ResB-UserForm:
<Field name='accounts[ResB].firstname'>
<Field name='accounts[ResB].firstname'>
</Field>Does this sound like a viable approach?

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