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4.3 Upgrade - 3G No Longer Working

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I have an iphone4 and it was running 4.2.1 without problem. Yesterday i decided to upgrade to 4.3 because I wanted to take advantage of the new personal hotspot feature. Anyway - no problems during uograde, except now my 3G does not work. I am not in

I have an iphone4 and it was running 4.2.1 without problem. Yesterday i decided to upgrade to 4.3 because I wanted to take advantage of the new personal hotspot feature.
Anyway - no problems during uograde, except now my 3G does not work. I am not in the US, and my network Tigo runs both Edge and 3G. Iphone has been pretty good before - when the 3G signal is weak itll revert to Edge where possible.
Now Im stuck on Edge, and havent seen it work on 3G since the upgrade. Any ideas/help?

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Does apple read this board? I see others are having a similar issue in another thread - what to do? Contact Apple?

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