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5508-HA standby in Maintenance mode

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My standby controller is in maintenance mode. Other post say to simply reboot the standby but I'm worried about doing this during business hours. Say I did reboot it during business hours, would it affect the active controller? All redundancy links a

My standby controller is in maintenance mode. Other post say to simply reboot the standby but I'm worried about doing this during business hours. Say I did reboot it during business hours, would it affect the active controller? All redundancy links are connected.
(Cisco Controller) >show redundancy sum
 Redundancy Mode = SSO ENABLED
     Local State = MAINTENANCE
      Peer State = UNKNOWN - Communication Down
            Unit = Secondary - HA SKU
         Unit ID = 00:06:F6:DC:17:00
Redundancy State = Non Redundant
    Mobility MAC = 68:EF:BD:8E:61:E0
Maintenance Mode = Enabled
Maintenance cause= Negotiation Timeout

The replay answer
No it won't affect the active controller:
While booting, the WLCs will negotiate the HA role as per the configuration done. Once the role is determined, the configuration is synced from the Active WLC to the Standby WLC via the Redundant Port. Initially WLC is configured, as Secondary will report XML mismatch and will download the configuration from Active and reboot again. During the next reboot after role determination, it will validate the configuration again, report no XML mismatch, and process further in order to establish itself as the Standby WLC

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