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9 Picture Template in LR 5.7 Books

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Hi, I'm making a travel book (Standard Landscape) in LR 5.7 (Mac OS 10.10.1) for Blurb and I'd like a page layout with 9 pictures but in Add Page/Multiple Photos there are only templates for 6, 12, 16, 30 and more pictures.  Is it possible to have a

Hi, I'm making a travel book (Standard Landscape) in LR 5.7 (Mac OS 10.10.1) for Blurb and I'd like a page layout with 9 pictures but in Add Page/Multiple Photos there are only templates for 6, 12, 16, 30 and more pictures.  Is it possible to have a page layout with 9 pictures?  Thanks, Doug

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First, Design your page in the Print module, then 'Print' to a JPG. Use this new jpg composite image on the Blurb book page.

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