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A workaround for Aperture users to use .Mac Web Gallery

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As a user who recently switched to Aperture - I was hugely disappointed seeing some amazing new photo-related features in iLife '08 not available for Aperture users. Let alone the cash for purchasing software suites, I can't convince myself switching

As a user who recently switched to Aperture - I was hugely disappointed seeing some amazing new photo-related features in iLife '08 not available for Aperture users. Let alone the cash for purchasing software suites, I can't convince myself switching back to iPhoto for a single feature. So I googled and searched around...
Some pre-requisite for the workaround: You must have iLife '08, Aperture and .Mac installed.
_*Solution 1*_
Create an album in Aperture that contains the images you want to upload to your .Mac Web Gallery. In iPhoto '08, create an empty library, then File > Show Aperture Library, choose the album and import images from there.
The downside of this is the images are your Versions in preview quality.
_*Solution 2*_
Export Versions from Aperture and import the images to iPhoto and perform the upload.
_*Solution 3*_
For users building websites in iWeb, I have seen threads that one could use the media browser in iLife suite to perform similar result but it also limits to the preview quality of Aperture.
I would have to say even the workaround is hugely disappointed but I can't see any other solutions at the moment. I couldn't recall my last ocassion on having such disappointment for Apple's software development.

The replay answer
Apple really needs to rev. Aperture so it sends photos directly to the new .Mac Web Galleries.
Everyone needs to go here:
And voice there opinion there to get this added to Aperture.
Thanks, Scott K.

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A workaround for Aperture users to use .Mac Web Gallery

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