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Hi Experts, I have a questions. Is possible possible through of the creation of a ABAP class to hide to nodes of a hierarchy on a Table Web Item? Thanks, LeoPossibly yes... With ABAP table modifier class you get a lot of control over the table. We ha

Hi Experts,
I have a questions. Is possible possible through of the creation of a ABAP class to hide to nodes of a hierarchy on a Table Web Item?

The replay answer
Possibly yes...
With ABAP table modifier class you get a lot of control over the table.
We have used table modifier class to have a blank column with specific color which looks like separater for key figures (columns).

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ABAP-- diff between sy-sy-tabix and sy-index

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Comas(,) are not getting displayed in the output while using OO ABAP

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NULL and Space value in ABAP

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Debugging is not working in R/3 from WebDynpro-ABAP developed webpage input

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Dear Friends, We are facing a serious problem for debugging. Expecting valuable input for the same. Debugging is not working in R/3 from WebDynpro-ABAP developed webpage input in Production Server. The debugging (for WebDynpro-ABAP application) is wo[More]

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