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I am a newbei in ABAP Programming and learning day by day a little. Now i am feeling a need of a Env, where i can test my ABAP Program. I don't have SAP R/3 System at home and too install it is also out of the question. My Question: Where i can pract

I am a newbei in ABAP Programming and learning day by day a little. Now i am feeling a need of a Env, where i can test my ABAP Program. I don't have SAP R/3 System at home and too install it is also out of the question.
My Question:
Where i can practice ABAP Programming, is there any online Workbench available or software, that act just like ABAP Workbench.
Thanks in Advance.

The replay answer
You can download the Netweaver 2004s ABAP Sneak Preview.  Once you have it loaded, you can try out all of the stuff related to ABAP and Web Dynpro for ABAP, BSPs, etc.  You can download right here on SDN.  Please check the Home page for the download page link.
Here is the direct link to the download page.
Welcome to SDN.  Please make sure to award points for helpful answers and mark your post as solved, when solved completely.  Thanks.
Rich Heilman

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