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Hi Friends, 1 ) I want to know the meaning of the fields that we have to enter when we use CIDX adaptor.      That is , values under tab  , Process specification , Source , Advance, for sender and      Process specification , target for receiver . 2

Hi Friends,
1 ) I want to know the meaning of the fields that we have to enter when we use CIDX adaptor.
     That is , values under tab  , Process specification , Source , Advance, for sender and
     Process specification , target for receiver .
2 ) Also want to know some basic details of CIDX package like, is it possible to communicate with a partner             that uses CIDX without using CIDX package,as CIDX complete package cost too much.

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Hi Brajesh
Refer blogs for CIDX info
Chem XML Message eStandards and CIDX Scenario – Part I
Chem XML Message eStandards and CIDX Scenario development – Part II
For meaning of fields refer

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