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About Container-managed Transactions and Bean-managed Transactions

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as the document of weblogic7.0 describe the differents of Container-managed           Transactions and Bean-managed Transactions,and in the document,It tell us           details of using Bean-managed Transactions,such as \:           import javax.nam

as the document of weblogic7.0 describe the differents of Container-managed
          Transactions and Bean-managed Transactions,and in the document,It tell us
          details of using Bean-managed Transactions,such as \:
          import javax.naming.*;import javax.transaction.UserTransaction;.....
          import java.sql.*;import java.util.*;
          UserTransaction tx = (UserTransaction)
          tx.commit() //or tx.rollback
          but how to use Container-managed Transactions?
          what is EJB's deployment descriptor? can someone tell me?
          i wonder someone will show me an example of how to use Container-managed

The replay answer
Many if not all of the WLS EJB examples use container-managed
          transactions. That's a good place to start.
          I'd also recommend that you pick up a decent EJB book. There's several
          on the market right now.
          -- Rob
          fish wrote:
          > <ejb-jar>
          > <enterprise-beans>
          > <session>
          > <ejb-name>testbean</ejb-name>
          > <home>test.test.TestHome</home>
          > <remote>test.test.Test</remote>
          > <ejb-class>test.test.TestBean</ejb-class>
          > <session-type>Stateful</session-type>
          > <transaction-type>Container</transaction-type>
          > </session>
          > </enterprise-beans>
          > <assembly-descriptor>
          > <container-transaction>
          > <method>
          > <ejb-name>EmployeeRecord</ejb-name>
          > <method-name>*</method-name>
          > </method>
          > <trans-attribute>Required</trans-attribute>
          > </container-transaction>
          > </assembly-descriptor>
          > </ejb-jar>
          > ----------------------------------------------
          > seems i have to write ejb-jar.xml like this,am i right?
          > what about <ejb-client-jar>? is it needed in this xml file?
          > thanks
          > fish

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