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Account determination in taxinn

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Dear All, I would like to know in TAXINN--> SD,  for CST & VAT conditions account determination is done in OB40. All other tax conditions account determination is at VKOA Can u please explain the reason? Regards, Deepu PillaiDear Deepu, All the Tax

Dear All,
I would like to know in TAXINN--> SD,  for CST & VAT conditions account determination is done in OB40. All other tax conditions account determination is at VKOA
Can u please explain the reason?
Deepu Pillai

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Dear Deepu,
All the Tax Conditions need to be posted thru SD - FI interface i.e. OB40.
While other Conditions can be directly posted thru VKOA.
The main reason i believe for same condition say VAT you may have to post to different GL accounts depending on Tax Codes. It is here where OB40 helps, where you can differentiate GL postings based on tax Codes for same Condition type & account key.
Hope this helps...
Jignesh Mehta

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Account determination in taxinn

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Dear All, I would like to know in TAXINN--> SD,  for CST & VAT conditions account determination is done in OB40. All other tax conditions account determination is at VKOA Can u please explain the reason? Regards, Deepu PillaiDear Deepu, All the Tax[More]

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