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Hi all! This might seem petty, but I'm curious. When I run an action in Illustrator CS4, the action palette item "shows itself." i.e., normally, I have all my actions so that only the name of the action appears (the arrow to the left is pointing

Hi all! This might seem petty, but I'm curious. When I run an action in Illustrator CS4, the action palette item "shows itself." i.e., normally, I have all my actions so that only the name of the action appears (the arrow to the left is pointing to the right). But when I run the action, the arrow points down, revealing all the steps in the action. I have a lot of actions, so if I run them, it either takes up a lot of space on my desktop or I continuously have to scroll up and down to find the action I'm looking for because they are all showing all their steps.
Is there a way to stop it from showing all the steps? I don't want to see the steps when I run the actions.

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Yes, the action "showing itself" behavior is very annoying, and I'm pretty sure that it has been requested that it be fixed.
Another way to get around this is to assign F-Keys to your actions. You have up to 48 combinations available: F1 thru F12; alone, with command key, with shift key, and with both. (F13, F14, and F15 don't work)
If you have the entire Action SET closed, you can use the F-Keys to run the actions without the palette "exploding" open on you.
By the way, you can also close all the revealed actions in a set at once if you hold down the option key while closing the set. You may have to do it twice.
Mike D.

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