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Is there an easy way to add an address that has been texted or emailed to you to the address book. I find myself going back and forth between the text or email with the address and the contact page and it is very aggravating. There must be a way to i

Is there an easy way to add an address that has been texted or emailed to you to the address book. I find myself going back and forth between the text or email with the address and the contact page and it is very aggravating. There must be a way to input in a simple way. Am I missing something?

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So I have to do that for hundreds I contacts then since I am doomed to have this address problem. So it is copy and paste. I do remember when the address book was in mail and all you had to do was double click to add. Why did they remove that? What you are telling me to do seems like a lot of work. That is the only solution?

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