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Adobe Photoshop CS2 for free?

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I´ve heard that Adobe Photoshop CS2 is now available for free. Is that right and where am I able to download it? Thanks a lotBecause their online activation servers had to be shut down, Adobe released a version of Photoshop CS2 that avoids online act

I´ve heard that Adobe Photoshop CS2 is now available for free. Is that right and where am I able to download it? Thanks a lot

The replay answer
Because their online activation servers had to be shut down, Adobe released a version of Photoshop CS2 that avoids online activation for existing license holders so that they can continue to use the software they purchased a license for.
A lot of web sites reported that this was tantamount to it suddenly being "given away for free".
It's not.
Using it without a license is tantamount to walking out with merchandise from a store just because it's not in a locked cabinet and you can pick it up with your hands.
Sorry for the bad news.

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