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Adobe Shockwave need URGENT help

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I am trying to download adobe shockwave for my windows (i believe 7) 32 bit computer and when i choose windows it gives me a choice between four operating systems. I do not know which of the four option I need to select to get adobe shockwave working

I am trying to download adobe shockwave for my windows (i believe 7) 32 bit computer and when i choose windows it gives me a choice between four operating systems. I do not know which of the four option I need to select to get adobe shockwave working on my computer. I need to download this in order to complete a school assignment. I have been on hold with the technical support for over a half hour and I just need to know which one of the four option I need to download.
Shockwave windows slim IE
Shockwave windows other browsers
Shockwave Windows Full IE
Shockwave Windows Full Other Browsers
I have both Internet Explorer and Mozillar Firefox on my computer, please just tell me which operating system to select so I can download it and continue working on my assigment.

The replay answer
I always use the FULL installers.
Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Internet Explorer
Other browsers
Full Installer
Shockwave Player 12
Shockwave Player 12
Uninstaller (if needed)
Shockwave Player Uninstaller

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Adobe Shockwave need URGENT help

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I am trying to download adobe shockwave for my windows (i believe 7) 32 bit computer and when i choose windows it gives me a choice between four operating systems. I do not know which of the four option I need to select to get adobe shockwave working[More]


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Why is adobe shockwave Flash being such a pain?

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Cant see video - Error msg: Adobe Shockwave Player crashed

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