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After Effects Installation error: Invalid Type Context

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I am currently working with Creative Cloud CS6 After Effects on a Windows 7 Toshiba Satellite, Core i3. I've been having trouble opening the program suddenly. I thought it might be due to a plug in which I had been trying to get working with both my

I am currently working with Creative Cloud CS6 After Effects on a Windows 7 Toshiba Satellite, Core i3. I've been having trouble opening the program suddenly. I thought it might be due to a plug in which I had been trying to get working with both my After Effects and Premier (which works fine btw) to use to read a specific video coversion file (AVS). It didn't ever work so I unistalled all the plug ins I could find, uninstalled After Effects and reinstalled it. Then I started getting the error "Invalid type context" and AE would crash. I've uninstalled and re-installed twice and still cannot get AE past this error.
Edit: Got a chance to write dow the info message after the error:
"After Effects error: Crash in Progress. Last logged message was: <1588> <ae.blitpipe> <2> Making new context"
I've looked for help in the FAQ and also done a couple searches in the forums, but found no topics about this type of error. Any thoughts?

The replay answer
1. I've uninstalled all files pertaining to AVS conversion from my computer.
2. I've given After effects full permissions through my windows firewall and McAffe too.
3. I've reinstalled twice since my first post.
4. I've stopped Adobe QT32 from running while AE loads.
5. I've run the program as an administrator and tried running it configured for Vista OS.
6. I've removed all preferences and cannot find any folder for AE preferences in my AppData folder.
I'm still unable to keep the program from crashing as it initializes the user interface (farther along than before). I'm still getting the Invalid Type Context file. It brings up a save project option, which I haven't tried as I haven't gotten far enough along in AE to have any work to save.
I did get this detail report in an attempt to diagnose the problem:
I really need help as I'm at the end of all possible suggestions for this type of problem.

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