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Aggregate Table Name

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Hello All Is there any table name for Aggregate. I know that when you create Aggregate's by default a 6 digit's technical number will be generated.Is this is the table name for that particular aggregates. Like /BIC/*******  Iam little bit confused in

Hello All
Is there any table name for Aggregate.
I know that when you create Aggregate's by default a 6 digit's technical number will be generated.Is this is the table name for that particular aggregates.
Like /BIC/******* 
Iam little bit confused in this issue
Pl help me out.

The replay answer
AS other have mentioned -
Aggregate tables
You might have data in just F, just E, or both depending on your aggregate compression practices.
Are the dimension tables for the aggregate.  If the dimension for the aggregate is defined with the same characteristics as the dimension on the base cube, the aggregate uses the base cube's dimension table rather than creating ( what would be a duplicate) a new one.
If the dimension is a line item dimension, the aggregate will create a view ( named /BIC/D1xxxxx ) instead of a transparent dimension table.
Table RSDDAGGRDIR provides the linkage between the base cube and it's aggregates. DD02L will tell you whether a Dimension table is a transparent table or a view.

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