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'alias required in SELECT..'  - Why can't I see this?

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Please help I'm going mad here! The error message is: ERROR at line 1: ORA-06550: line 113, column 37: PLS-00402: alias required in SELECT list of cursor to avoid duplicate column names ORA-06550: line 113, column 37: PL/SQL: Item ignored ORA-06550:

Please help I'm going mad here!
The error message is:
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-06550: line 113, column 37:
PLS-00402: alias required in SELECT list of cursor to avoid duplicate column
ORA-06550: line 113, column 37:
PL/SQL: Item ignored
ORA-06550: line 137, column 13:
PLS-00320: the declaration of the type of this expression is incomplete or
ORA-06550: line 136, column 7:
PL/SQL: SQL Statement ignored
..Yet I disagree.. I cant see any 2 fields called the same.
(FYI the cursor it speaks of is called 'c_check_employee').
And the code.
/* Formatted on 2009/02/27 15:35 (Formatter Plus v4.8.7) */
SET serveroutput ON SIZE 1000000 FORMAT WRAPPED
SET verify OFF
SET feedback OFF
-- Debugging/error handling
-- Work variables
   p_emp_number                     VARCHAR2 (14);
   v_rec_cnt                        NUMBER                          := 0;
   insert_flag                      VARCHAR2 (8);
   l_validate                       BOOLEAN                     DEFAULT FALSE;
   l_obj                            NUMBER;
   l_datetrack_update_mode          VARCHAR2 (30)             := 'CORRECTION';
   l_assignment_sequence            NUMBER;
   l_name_combination_warning       BOOLEAN                         := FALSE;
   l_assign_payroll_warning         BOOLEAN                         := FALSE;
   l_org_now_no_manager_warning     BOOLEAN;
   l_other_manager_warning          BOOLEAN;
   l_spp_delete_warning             BOOLEAN;
   l_entries_changed_warning        VARCHAR2 (30);
   l_tax_district_changed_warning   BOOLEAN;
   l_person_id                      NUMBER;
   l_assignment_id                  NUMBER;
   l_special_ceiling_step_id        NUMBER;
   l_per_effective_end_date         DATE
                                    := TO_DATE ('11-Jul-2049', 'DD-MON-YYYY');
   l_people_group_id                NUMBER;
   l_group_name                     VARCHAR2 (30);
   l_assignment_number              VARCHAR2 (35);
   l_effective_end_date             DATE
                                    := TO_DATE ('11-Jul-2049', 'DD-MON-YYYY');
   l_date                           DATE                           := SYSDATE;
   ip_p_address_id                  per_addresses.address_id%TYPE;
   ip_p_object_version_number       NUMBER;
   ip_p_party_id                    per_addresses.party_id%TYPE;
   l_per_object_version_number      NUMBER;
   l_asg_object_version_number      NUMBER;
   l_full_name                      VARCHAR2 (240);
   l_per_comment_id                 NUMBER;
   l_per_effective_start_date       DATE;
   l_concatenated_segments          VARCHAR2 (12);
   l_soft_coding_keyflex_id         NUMBER;
   l_comment_id                     NUMBER;
   l_no_managers_warning            BOOLEAN;
-- Get employee details info from work table
   CURSOR get_employee_details
      SELECT std_validate, std_person_id, std_assignment_id, std_hire_date,
             std_business_group_id, std_last_name, std_sex,
             std_date_of_birth, std_email_address, std_employee_number,
             std_first_name, std_marital_status, std_middle_names,
             std_nationality, std_title, std_national_identifier,
             std_address_line1, std_address_line2, std_address_line3,
             std_address_line4, std_post_code, std_telephone_1,
             std_position_id, std_job_id, std_location_id,
             std_organization_id, std_supervisor_id,
             std_default_code_comb_id, std_set_of_books_id, std_payroll_id,
             std_grade_id, std_pay_basis_id, std_assn_ovn
-- checks employee details info from PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F table
   CURSOR c_check_employee (p_emp_number VARCHAR2)
      SELECT paas.assignment_id, per.person_id, per.business_group_id,
             per.last_name, per.start_date, per.date_of_birth, per.email_address,
            per.employee_number, per.first_name, per.marital_status, per.middle_names,
     per.nationality, per.national_identifier,, per.title, padd.address_id,
     padd.primary_flag,padd.address_line1, padd.address_line2, padd.address_line3,
             padd.town_or_city, padd.postal_code, padd.telephone_number_1, padd.telephone_number_2,
     padd.telephone_number_3,paas.job_id,   paas.location_id,paas.organization_id, paas.assignment_type, paas.primary_flag, paas.supervisor_id,paas.default_code_comb_id,
paas.set_of_books_id,paas.assignment_number, paas.period_of_service_id,paas.object_version_number
        FROM per_all_people_f per,
             per_all_assignments_f paas,
             per_addresses padd
       WHERE per.employee_number = p_emp_number
         AND per.person_id = padd.person_id
         AND paas.person_id(+) = per.person_id;
   emp_rec                          c_check_employee%ROWTYPE;
-- Cursor retrieves latest Object Version Number from per_assignments_f table..
   CURSOR csr_ovn (cp_person_id IN per_all_people_f.person_id%TYPE)
      SELECT MAX (paas.object_version_number)
        FROM per_assignments_f paas, per_all_people_f per
       WHERE paas.person_id = per.person_id
         AND per.employee_number = paas.assignment_number
         AND per.person_id = cp_person_id;
-- Process each record in the work table
   FOR v_emp IN get_employee_details
-- determine whether customer already exists
      OPEN c_check_employee (v_emp.std_employee_number);
      FETCH c_check_employee
       INTO emp_rec;
      IF c_check_employee%NOTFOUND
         insert_flag := 'I';
         insert_flag := 'X';
      END IF;
      CLOSE c_check_employee;
-- Obtain the most recent Object Version Number..
      OPEN csr_ovn (v_emp.std_person_id);
      FETCH csr_ovn
       INTO l_obj;
      --   IF csr_ovn%NOTFOUND     THEN        RAISE NO_DATA_FOUND;   END IF;
      CLOSE csr_ovn;
-- Create new PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F and PER_ADDRESSES record from
--            info in  table record
      IF insert_flag = 'I'
         BEGIN                             -- Importing Employee Procedure --
            --      DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT (CHR (10));
            --      DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE ('Importing employees....  ');
                  (p_validate                       => l_validate,
                   p_hire_date                      => v_emp.std_hire_date,
                   p_business_group_id              => v_emp.std_business_group_id,
                   p_date_of_birth                  => v_emp.std_date_of_birth,
                   p_email_address                  => v_emp.std_email_address,
                   p_first_name                     => v_emp.std_first_name,
                   p_middle_names                   => v_emp.std_middle_names,
                   p_last_name                      => v_emp.std_last_name,
                   p_sex                            => v_emp.std_sex,
                   p_ni_number                      => v_emp.std_national_identifier,
                   p_employee_number                => v_emp.std_employee_number,
                   p_person_id                      => l_person_id,
                   p_title                          => v_emp.std_title,
                   p_assignment_id                  => l_assignment_id,
                   p_per_object_version_number      => l_per_object_version_number,
                   p_asg_object_version_number      => l_asg_object_version_number,
                   p_per_effective_start_date       => l_per_effective_start_date,
                   p_per_effective_end_date         => l_per_effective_end_date,
                   p_full_name                      => l_full_name,
                   p_per_comment_id                 => l_per_comment_id,
                   p_assignment_sequence            => l_assignment_sequence,
                   p_assignment_number              => l_assignment_number,
                   p_name_combination_warning       => l_name_combination_warning,
                   p_assign_payroll_warning         => l_assign_payroll_warning
                  (p_validate                     => l_validate,
                   p_effective_date               => v_emp.std_hire_date,
                   p_pradd_ovlapval_override      => NULL,
                   p_validate_county              => NULL,
                   p_person_id                    => l_person_id,
                   p_primary_flag                 => 'Y',
                   p_style                        => 'GB_GLB',
--                p_date_from                    => v_emp.std_hire_date,
                   p_date_from                    => SYSDATE,
                   p_date_to                      => NULL,
                   p_address_line1                => v_emp.std_address_line1,
                   p_address_line2                => v_emp.std_address_line2,
                   p_address_line3                => v_emp.std_address_line3,
                   p_town_or_city                 => v_emp.std_address_line4,
                   p_postal_code                  => v_emp.std_post_code,
                   p_country                      => v_emp.std_nationality,
                   p_telephone_number_1           => v_emp.std_telephone_1,
                   p_party_id                     => ip_p_party_id,
                   p_address_id                   => ip_p_address_id,
                   p_object_version_number        => l_obj
                  (p_validate                          => l_validate,
                   p_effective_date                    =>  l_date,    --   SYSDATE
                   p_datetrack_update_mode             => l_datetrack_update_mode,
                   p_assignment_id                     => l_assignment_id,
                   p_object_version_number             => l_obj,
                   p_organization_id                   => v_emp.std_organization_id,
                   p_location_id                       => v_emp.std_location_id,
                   p_job_id                            => v_emp.std_job_id,
                   p_position_id                       => v_emp.std_position_id,
                   p_special_ceiling_step_id           => l_special_ceiling_step_id,
                   p_effective_start_date              => l_date,
                   p_effective_end_date                => l_effective_end_date,    --IN/OUT
                   p_people_group_id                   => l_people_group_id, --IN/OUT
                   p_group_name                        => l_group_name,  --IN/OUT
                   p_org_now_no_manager_warning        => l_org_now_no_manager_warning,   --IN/OUT
              p_other_manager_warning         => l_other_manager_warning,   --IN/OUT
                   p_spp_delete_warning                => l_spp_delete_warning, --IN/OUT
                   p_entries_changed_warning           => l_entries_changed_warning,  --IN/OUT
                   p_tax_district_changed_warning      => l_tax_district_changed_warning  --IN/OUT
                  (p_validate                    => l_validate,           -- in
                   p_effective_date              => l_date,
                   p_datetrack_update_mode       => 'CORRECTION',
                   p_assignment_id               => l_assignment_id,
                   p_object_version_number       => l_obj,
                   p_supervisor_id               => v_emp.std_supervisor_id, 
                   p_default_code_comb_id        => v_emp.std_default_code_comb_id,
                   p_set_of_books_id             => v_emp.std_set_of_books_id,
                   p_concatenated_segments       => l_concatenated_segments, -- out
                   p_soft_coding_keyflex_id      => l_soft_coding_keyflex_id,     -- out
                   p_comment_id                  => l_comment_id,       -- out
                   p_effective_start_date        => l_date,           -- out
                   p_effective_end_date          => l_effective_end_date,
                   p_no_managers_warning         => l_no_managers_warning,
                   p_other_manager_warning       => l_other_manager_warning
            --     DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE ('Employee No:'|| v_emp.std_employee_number|| '  imported successfully..' );
               WHEN OTHERS
                  RAISE NO_DATA_FOUND;
                  --        DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT (CHR (10));
                  DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE (   'Ah, Employee:'
                                        || v_emp.std_employee_number
                                        || ' failed to load.. '
                                        || SQLERRM
            --      DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT (CHR (10));
         --        DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT (CHR (10));
         v_rec_cnt := v_rec_cnt + 1;
--         DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE (   'There were '|| v_rec_cnt|| '  records read in..');
-- End of customer related details
      END IF;
many thanks..

The replay answer
Check primary_flag .... ;)
Satyaki De.
Alex is Winner.... ;)
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