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All the pictures have an red cast to them

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all photos  have a red cast to themHi there cqerqso, Could you provide the community with a little more information to help narrow troubleshooting? Things like your printer model and your operating system help out a lot. You can say thanks by clickin

all photos  have a red cast to them

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Hi there cqerqso,
Could you provide the community with a little more information to help narrow troubleshooting? Things like your printer model and your operating system help out a lot.
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B210a red cast and ICM

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Hi have just installed a new B210a. On my 4x6 prints, there is a feint red cast on the prints. I also retouched the images in a popular piece of image software, but on printing, the images look like the originals and not the retouched versions - they[More]

Photos have a red cast

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Hi: I just read a very long Forum post involving Chris Cox from July 2010 regarding the referenced issue; unfortunately the thread had left the problem unresolved in 2010. I have a Nikon D3 camera, Windows 7, CS5, and a Epson R3000 printer. Everythin[More]

All the pictures have an red cast to them

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all photos  have a red cast to themHi there cqerqso, Could you provide the community with a little more information to help narrow troubleshooting? Things like your printer model and your operating system help out a lot. You can say thanks by clickin[More]

Red cast in photos

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iphoto 5 with osx 10.4 some of my photos have a red cast to them. When i open them with preview the image is fine. how do i fix this problem fredits all photos now have a red cast i dont think its a iphoto issue fredRead other 2 answers[More]

Extreme red cast on iPhoto after editing

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Some, but not all, photos edited in iPhoto exibit an extreme red cast distortion when I try to use them in a slide show or if I try to export them. I have tried several different formats on export and all show the red cast. The photo also changes to[More]

Safari 4 images all have red cast until mouse over?

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I've searched fairly extensively for anyone else having this same problem, and I note a number of possibly related threads on the colour/color management in Safari, but this problem seems to be slightly different. Perhaps someone will tell me this is[More]

Red cast

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Hi, When using the 'Image Overlay' in the Retouch menu of the D3100 (i.e. putting two NEFs on top of each other) and I import the resulting file in Lightroom (or CameraRaw), it's got a very strong magenta cast, which I can't get rid of. Anybody any i[More]

My Canon Pixma Pro9000 Mark 2 printer and red cast to prints

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My Canon Pro9000 Mark 2 prints with a severe red cast on all prints. It has worked great for 3 years prior on my Mac. Just updated and installed Mavericks (OS 10) and believe that to be the culprit. Already checked ink tanks, ran printer head tests,[More]

What would cause a MacBook Pro display to begin having a red cast to everything I view? MacBookPro1,1 Mac OS X, 1.3 GHz Intel Core Duo, 1 GB 667 MHz RAM

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All of a sudden my MacBook Pro (Granted it is an old computer) started having a red cast to the display.  All shading and shadows are red now.  Up until yesterday, I never had any problems with the display.  Is it just getting too old?  Computer work[More]

PS CS4 and red cast to photos

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Hi all, New to the forums here.  Let me start by saying, I've read around, and the only 'fixes' I've found for this issue did not work for me. Running a dual-quad core Mac with a single Dell 2209WA monitor.  The SAME issue happened first on my 15" MB[More]

I'm experiencing a red cast when converting from prophoto profile to srgb.

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This cast does not show up on my monitor but on some other monitors and my Iphone display. I'm using an IMAC 10.6.4 and CS5. I have re-calibrated my monitor which only makes matters a little worse. I have the system preference set for prophoto as wel[More]

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