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And/or if statement in rtf templates.

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Hi all, I'm using XML Publisher 4.5. I have created a word template file (rtf) for my reports. I need to be able to show some content in the template file by using and and/or if statement. fx. <?if:doc_type='STANDARD'?> OR <?if:doc_type='DEFAULT'

Hi all,
I'm using XML Publisher 4.5.
I have created a word template file (rtf) for my reports. I need to be able to show some content in the template file by using and and/or if statement.
fx. <?if:doc_type='STANDARD'?> OR <?if:doc_type='DEFAULT'?>
How can I do this?
In advance thank you.
Best regards

The replay answer
Hi D,
Thank you for your answer.
I have seriously thought about that solution; but I don't think it's a smart way to do it.
If i do it like that, i need to copy the whole table and paste it inside the if statements.
I have two xml elements that I need to make the decisions on. POH_PO_TYPE & CP_RELEASE_NUM.
CP_RELEASE_NUM can be: '' or N
THEN show table (which contains the whole PO).
It shall show the content of the PO in any of these cases.
BR Kenneth

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