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Apache with OC4J

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How do we configure Apache to handle the static HTML and OC4J to handle the dynamic (JSP) content within a J2EE Application with a Web Module? I've just browsed both the General and J2EE forums, searching on "Apache". I see where others have ask

How do we configure Apache to handle the static HTML and OC4J to handle the dynamic (JSP) content within a J2EE Application with a Web Module?
I've just browsed both the General and J2EE forums, searching on "Apache". I see where others have asked the same or similar question, but none of the replies explain how to accomplish this.
I just attended Oracle's "Develop, Deploy and Manage J2EE Applications"; the course instructor indicated that OC4J (we're at iAS version supports mixing JSP and HTML content within a single web site directory and the static content could be served by Apache.
At present we have the static HTML pages at our site's DocRoot directory. In this directory we have installed our J2EE EAR application (as an exploded EAR directory). Under the EAR root directory we have a single Web Module, in which we have our JSP files and some static HTML files.
We have Apache configured with mod_proxy to forward requests for "mmrrc/" to the OC4J container (ie, http://<ourserver_on_port_80>/mmrrc/ is redirected to OC4J). This works. However, both our JSP and HTML content is served by OC4J when accessing anything under /mmrrc/. Static HTML is only served by Apache if it exists outside of the /mmrrc/ space (ie, /*.html and /documents/*.html).
Is it possible to get Apache to handle the static HTML within the J2EE Web application? If so, how? And, if not, is our configuration about as good as one can do?
Thanks, much.

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