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Aperture and iPhoto library deleted

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I upgraded my Aperture w/no problem. About one month later, all images in Aperture and iPhoto dissapeared. "Genius Bar" checked, said no problem and didn't have a clue. Bought a Time-Machine backup at store, had a consultant there show me how to

I upgraded my Aperture w/no problem. About one month later, all images in Aperture and iPhoto dissapeared. "Genius Bar" checked, said no problem and didn't have a clue. Bought a Time-Machine backup at store, had a consultant there show me how to set up, but he had a problem as the Airport Utility was gone. He said that was rare and downloaded it. He suggested there could be a connection to all this. I'm afraid to use the iMac. Help? Doing search for images or libraries no good, will show libraries, but with zero files. Tnx.  Leif

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How did you import your old iPhoto photos? And with what Aperture version?
Before the unified Aperture - iPhoto library has been introduced, it was possible to import an iPhoto library as referenced. This left all originals in the iPhoto library, so iPhoto continued to work, but Aperture could use the master files. Is that the way you imported your iPhoto library, with the master files in there original location?
When trying to e.g. export a file Aperture says 'The selected original image is either offline or not found. Please reconnect it and try again.'.
That is the typical error message, when Aperture cannot access the original files. And Aperture wil not be able to do anything with your images, unless you restore the missing originals.
Just moved my Aperture-library to my new iMac.
Where did you move your Aperture library from ? From an older mac?  From a backup?
Did Aperture work on that old Mac and could access the originals?
Do you still have that old mac, and is there any chance that recovery software could retrieve the missing original files on that mac?
Sometimes Aperture reports originals as missing, even if they are managed inside the Aperture library.
You can find out, where Aperture is looking for the original files, if you select some image files in the browser and use Aperture's command "File > Locate Referenced Files".
In the panel that opens, you can see the path to missing files in the upper right corner below the thumbnail.
What do you see, when you use that command?

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I upgraded my Aperture w/no problem. About one month later, all images in Aperture and iPhoto dissapeared. "Genius Bar" checked, said no problem and didn't have a clue. Bought a Time-Machine backup at store, had a consultant there show me how to[More]

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