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APEX Listener 2.0 - RESTful Services Failure with  404 - Not Found

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Versions used: * APEX Listener * Application Express * Oracle Database When testing the sample RESTful Service Module I always get 404 - Not Found page. I followed the documentation to install an

Versions used:
* APEX Listener
* Application Express
* Oracle Database
When testing the sample RESTful Service Module I always get 404 - Not Found page.
I followed the documentation to install and configure APEX 4.2 and the Listener 2.0. Everything in my APEX installation works fine except RESTful Services.
For example, when calling this RESTful Service:
I get a 404 page.
The corresponding entry in url-mapping.xml is:
<pool base-path="/DEV" name="od01" workspace-id="xxuapex"/>
where xxuapex is the name of the schema as well as the workspace where the RESTful Service is installed.
Moreover, the corresponding od01.xml, od01_rt.xml and od01_al.xml in the conf directory seem correct.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Eddie Awad.

The replay answer
Hi Eddie,
+> try the other option base-url of the url-mapping+
I did. No change. Still getting 404.When active it should transform the 404 page into a detailed 404 with a description of what the error is. Just to be sure, this is activated in the defaults.xml file of the APEX Listener as: *<entry key="log.logging">true</entry>*.
You should then see a detailed 404 output in your browser of what's going wrong first of all.
+> Could you post your url-mapping.xml file?+
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<pool-config xmlns="">
<pool base-path="/DEV" name="od01" workspace-id="xxuapex"/>
<pool base-path="/TEST" name="ot01" workspace-id="xxuapex"/>
Despite using the url mapping script, it didn't map mine correctly and had to edit it manually. It was the use of "apex" that got it to work for me:
*<pool base-path="/" name="apex" workspace-id="workspace-name-here" updated="2013-01-09T20:48:59.75Z"/>*

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