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Audio Levels Are Different within program

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For some reason when I am editing a multi-track project I seem to get three different levels as I go along.  When I am editing a single file the levels come out as one thing.  When I get the levels good, usually around -4 or so I play them back on th

For some reason when I am editing a multi-track project I seem to get three different levels as I go along.  When I am editing a single file the levels come out as one thing.  When I get the levels good, usually around -4 or so I play them back on the multi-track editor and I'm well up and over 0 into the red.  On top of that when I import back into the Final Cut all the levels are completely different wiht some being low and some behing higher than in Soundtrack Pro.  All level adjustments made in Final Cut were cleared out so any project I bring in doesn't have any level variations.

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Also, in the sequence the Edit in Audition option is greyed out? I can't round trip and work through the clips individually? Is there something I need to switch on or something?

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Audio Levels Are Different within program

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For some reason when I am editing a multi-track project I seem to get three different levels as I go along.  When I am editing a single file the levels come out as one thing.  When I get the levels good, usually around -4 or so I play them back on th[More]

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Menu audio level control

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