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BIOS update, then will not boot from any drive

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This old laptop, 3000 C200 8922 was acting very clunky when on wireless. Downloaded Bios Version 63ET62WW and flashed it into the bios. Now, even though I can get to the bios screen, and it shows the hard drive, DVD/CD drive, it will NOT boot from ei

This old laptop, 3000 C200 8922 was acting very clunky when on wireless.
Downloaded Bios Version 63ET62WW and flashed it into the bios.
Now, even though I can get to the bios screen, and it shows the hard drive, DVD/CD drive, it will NOT boot from either.
It will also "see" a usb installed, but will not boot from it.
I have removed all power and cleared the CMOS several times and I still have nothing. Tried two different hdd's which have been in the machine and same results. 
HELP!! I should have never messed with it......

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hi k4pew,
One rule after a BIOS update is to Load optimize deafults after updating.
   Try that go inside BIOS Hit F9 to load defaults then F10 to Save and Exit.
If not
Try turning on the computer and start hitting F1 to load the Recovery Menu and see if that will push then Try Reseting the PC.
If still the same Im afraid that the BIOS needs to be reflashed.
Im not aware of any flash tool or a your Previous BIOS Version Firmware available for download.
You can try calling Lenovo Technical Support for any options available for repair.
Im sorry to hear what happened
Solid Cruver
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This old laptop, 3000 C200 8922 was acting very clunky when on wireless. Downloaded Bios Version 63ET62WW and flashed it into the bios. Now, even though I can get to the bios screen, and it shows the hard drive, DVD/CD drive, it will NOT boot from ei[More]

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