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BT 7600 technical fault

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I'm still getting caller display on the phones but there is no icon present for incoming calls that have not been picked up and only some of the calls made or received are registering on the 'calls' button. So I can't be sure that I'm knowing about a

I'm still getting caller display on the phones but there is no icon present for incoming calls that have not been picked up and only some of the calls made or received are registering on the 'calls' button. So I can't be sure that I'm knowing about any calls that I may have missed whilst out. Can't find any troubleshooting info for this anywhere so any advice would be welcome. Phones are 9 months old and have behaved pretty well till now.

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I, and countless others are also in this loop. I have been pulling my hair out for a year now with the same issues posted here.
if you were to buy a car with a intermittent loss of speed the manufacturer would undoubtedly resolve the problem under warranty. if a large amount of cars had the same issue there may be a recall of that model.
if your electricity provider could not provide you with electricity to fully power your home, you would not be charged for the shortfall. seemingly due to the complexities of providing a Internet service, providers are not obliged to work by this rational. only when you experience full loss of service will BT provide a rebate and even then, long as they can provide you with a service regardless of quality, and any loss of service is resolved within 2 days, you will not receive a rebate. I question how this can be considered reasonable?
The reality is this is all about profits. if its not cost affective for BT to provide a reliable service for an individual, they will resort to temporary measures and no amount of calls to India will resolve the problem. the individual is of no conciquence to them as the individual has no real leverage financially or otherwise but as a group we do! 
Moving forward and how i intend to tackle my problem.
The first step to resolution is to exhaust every avenue with the ISP in question (BT in this instance) for information on the correct course of action, google 'broadband consumer rights guide' and go to the moneysupermarket website. there you will find information on your rights as a consumer and the correct course of action when making a complaint.
If there are a significant amount of people experiencing this problem with there BT broadband (specifically unresolved long term broadband issues as a result of presumably faulty BT equipment resulting in BT not providing there consumers with a reasonable level of service) 

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BT 7600 technical fault

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I'm still getting caller display on the phones but there is no icon present for incoming calls that have not been picked up and only some of the calls made or received are registering on the 'calls' button. So I can't be sure that I'm knowing about a[More]

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