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Bug: export WSDL for proxy service

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done under workshop 10.3, rightclick on proxy, then osb/export wsdl contains the wrong location (in my case port 7001 instead of 8001) done with service bus web console the location is alright. please report and fix this. anyway does it belong to her

done under workshop 10.3, rightclick on proxy, then osb/export wsdl contains the wrong location (in my case port 7001 instead of 8001)
done with service bus web console the location is alright.
please report and fix this.
anyway does it belong to here or the workshop or soa forum? I feel free to xpost.
the whole export is annoying because it goes to a zip. why would i want to zip a single wsdl file.
thanks you for you attention,

The replay answer
There must be definitely some issue in the Policy Configuration, due to which it is not able to Compute Effective WSDL.
Can you please do the following and capture the logs:
- set the transports debug flag to true in the alsbdebug.xml in your domain directory :
- set the WLS log level to debug
- Then restart the servers
This should give some additional details on the specific error.
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