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Burning mp3 files onto a cd

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I have a list of songs that I need to copy onto a disc. To save space I want to copy these as mp3 files. My songs seem to be a combination of mp3 files and files I copied off my own cds. I've been able to burn the mp3 files, but how do I get the othe

I have a list of songs that I need to copy onto a disc. To save space I want to copy these as mp3 files. My songs seem to be a combination of mp3 files and files I copied off my own cds. I've been able to burn the mp3 files, but how do I get the others into mp3 format?

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This article in the Apple Knowledge Base should answer your question:
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How do I burn MP3 files to CD at a lower bitrate?

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I'm a newbie to Mac and to iTunes, so pardon me if this is a frequently asked question. As a former user of Windows Media Player, I am used to being able to burn my MP3 files to CD at a lower bitrate (128) than what the MP3 files saved on my computer[More]

When I burn mp3 files they appear as folders

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when I attempt to burn the songs from mp3 files from 4 separate albums from an iTunes playlist they show up on the disc as 4 separate folders.  when the album plays on my player only the first folder (the first album) plays and the CD stops.  the son[More]

Burning mp3 files onto a cd

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I have a list of songs that I need to copy onto a disc. To save space I want to copy these as mp3 files. My songs seem to be a combination of mp3 files and files I copied off my own cds. I've been able to burn the mp3 files, but how do I get the othe[More]

Copying/Burning mp3 files to CD (80 minutes)

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I've been trying to copy an .mp3 file that is exactly 79 mins and 58 secs long to CD (2 secs shy of 80 mins). Every time I try I receive an error stating the destination disc will not fit onto the 80 minute CD-R. Is there a reason for this and if so[More]

Burning mp3 files with SuperDrive - first 10 sec of each song missing

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Hello music fans, When I burn mp3 songs to a CD  using SuperDrive on a MacBook Air (mid 2012), the first 10 seconds of every song are not playing. This had never happened to me before using other drives. I tried all sorts of tricks, disks and program[More]

Burning MP3 files

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Okay gals & guys , I've got the playlists all organized etc,etc but when I click on the BURN NOW button I get an error message that says " NO SUPPORTED CD RECORDER DEVICE FOUND " , so I am not able to burn the files to the CD-R disk . Can yo[More]

CD burning - (mp3 files) should you convert to AIFF (for quality)

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Hello With regard to eg iTunes mp3 songs for copying to CD. For the best sound quality, do you keep them as mp3, or select conversion to AIFF, (ie at the burning stage). Obviously AIFF is better quality, but I do not know if an mp3 converted to AIFF[More]

Burning MP3 files to DVD

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I have both a Compaq and a MacBook. My iTunes library is on my Compaq wiht Windows XP. I want to transfer the files to the Mac. I tried a PC Linq program which didn't work and my Compaq doesn't have a firewire port. Can I burn the library to DVD and[More]

Why can't I burn mp3 files in the order I choose? iTunes alphabetizes!

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I have set up a playlist in the exact order I want the songs to go--in alpha order by album, but no matter what I do, when I try to burn the playlist, iTunes burns it in alpha order by song title. Tell me that this is not the only way iTunes will all[More]

7.6.2-burned mp3 CDs won't play in players that 7.5-burned versions did

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I have discovered yet another beef with iTunes 7.6.2... does anyone else have this problem? mp3 CDs burned in iTunes 7.6.2 on my Intel iMac will not play in my car player, while identical mp3 CDs burned in itunes 7.5x on my iBook G4 WILL play in my c[More]

How do I put mp3 files on a generic mp3 player

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I have a generic mp3 player that I would like to let my 7 year-old daugther use.  I have transfered music to it before from a mac but converted the audio files to mp3 first.  Now on my new macbook pro I can only find a way to burn mp3 files on to a c[More]

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