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Button Images are not shown

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Dear All, In one of our test instance, some button images are not shown, whereas some are. They are shown as grey button. I searched metalink, according to them patch 1238573 should be installed, which is already installed. What could be the reason?

Dear All,
In one of our test instance, some button images are not shown, whereas some are.
They are shown as grey button.
I searched metalink, according to them patch 1238573 should be installed, which is already installed.
What could be the reason?
Also, is there any way to find out which images are missing?
Ashish Shah

The replay answer
I've seen this happen a few times. The solution is usually to synchronise something called 'the X-Server' with the middle tier. I'm afraid that the technology is over my head, but it does work!
The X-Server controls how images are rendered in the e-Business Suite. Your DBA should know what this is and it's a simple matter of stopping and restrating the X-server.
That should do the trick!

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Dear All, In one of our test instance, some button images are not shown, whereas some are. They are shown as grey button. I searched metalink, according to them patch 1238573 should be installed, which is already installed. What could be the reason?[More]

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