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Hello Friends, We are in the process of upgrading SAP BW 3.0B to 3.5. I am not able to activate the update rule if I use any kind of formula in the newer version. It just activates fine for Constant, Routine etc. except Formula. Is this issue related

Hello Friends,
We are in the process of upgrading SAP BW 3.0B to 3.5. I am not able to activate the update rule if I use any kind of formula in the newer version. It just activates fine for Constant, Routine etc. except Formula. Is this issue related to upgrade? Any solution to overcome this problem would be highly appreciated.

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Hi Asit,
You are on which system BW 3.5 or BW 7.0?
If you are on BW 7.0, there are various way of doing this.
1> Using DTP: If you have definite filter criteria while loading data from Infocube 1 and Infocube 2, you can use it in DTP.
for eg. while doing data loads, exclude records where material group is blank. While creating DTP, you can specify required filter criteria.
2> using start routine: You can use start routine as well to exclude all those records which you don't want to load to target infocube.
For eg. Delete all records from source package where case ids are blank.
use below statement to code it:
Delete source_package where <fieldname> = <some values>.

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