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Can anybody give me in logical standby

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give me the link and obe of logical standby which book is refer to me for dataguard. http://do

give me the link and obe of logical standby which book is refer to me for dataguard.

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Creating a new schema in a Logical Standby Database

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Hi All, I am experimenting with logical standby databases for the purpose of reporting, and have not been able to create a new schema in the logical standby database - one of the key features of logical standbys. I have setup primary and logical stan[More]

Logical standby and Primary keys

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Hi All, Why primary keys are essential for creating logical standby database? I have created a logical standby database on testing basis without having primary keys on most of the tables and it's working fine. I have not event put my main DB in force[More]

Logical standby and truncate partition

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

Hi, I'm evaluation whether a logical standby database would meet our needs. We have a live database and want a reporting database that is identical to the live one, just minutes behind in time to the live one, plus we want to create other summary tab[More]

Logical Standby Database in NOARCHIVE Mode

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Hi, I have configured a Logical Standby Database for Reporting purposes. A Physical Standby Database is running for MAA. i.e. in case of Role Transition (switch/Failover) the Physical Stdby Db will get the role of the Primary. The logical standby dat[More]

Best practice on using Flashback and Logical Standby

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Hello, I'm testing a fail-back scenario where I first need to activate a logical standby, then do some dummy transactions before I flashback this db and resme the redo apply. Here is what the steps look like: 1)     Ensure logical standby is in-sync[More]

Logical standby in noarchive mode

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

Hello, does anybody know if it is possible to run a logical standby (10gR2) in noarchivelog mode? For my understanding it should be possible, why not... But I can't find a piece of documentation which prove this. Thanks in advance, Boris...I also was[More]

Logical standby stuck at initializing SQL apply only coordinator process up

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Hi OS: solaris 5.10 Hardware: sun sparc Oracle database: Primary database name: asadmin Standby database name: test I had been trying to convert a physical standby to logical standby database. Both the primary and standby reside on the sam[More]

How to delete the foreign archivelogs in a Logical Standby database

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How do I remove the foreign archive logs that are being sent to my logical standby database. I have files in the FRA of ASM going back weeks ago. I thought RMAN would delete them. I am doing hot backups of the databases to FRA for both databases. Usi[More]

Error while Creating a Logical Standby Database

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Dears I setup physical standby db. Now trying to convert it to logical standby db by following this link: When i issue this statement: ALTER DATABASE RECOVER TO[More]

Sql Apply issue in logical standby database--( x86 platform

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Hi Friends, I am getting the following exception in logical standby database at the time of Sql Apply. After run the command alter database start logical standby apply sql apply services start but after few second automatically stop and getting follo[More]

Creating logical standby database

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Hi all, Following this link Where do i need to issue these statements: SQL> EXECUTE DBMS_LOGSTDBY.BUILD; SQL> ALTER DATABASE RECOVER TO LOGICAL STANDBY db_name; on[More]

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