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Can anyone help me what is the use of business and proxy service in osb?

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Hi, I am new in Osb what is the use of business service and proxy service in osb. I know little bit proxy service is used for actual message flow. I saw some project proxy service invoking the (using service callout,routing and publish) service,but t

I am new in Osb what is the use of business service and proxy service in osb.
I know little bit proxy service is used for actual message flow. I saw some project proxy service invoking the (using service callout,routing and publish) service,but the wsdl of the services of the proxy and business service is same.
Please can anyone explain the flow while executing through soapUI?(that means it will hit 1st business services or proxy service)
I have this project structure
business service> this is the wsdl of ex:reference.wsdl> this is the wsdl of ex:external.wsdl
proxy service
1.referece.proxy--->this is the wsdl of ex:reference.wsdl(in this proxy we are routing to proxy service both contains same wsdls why?)
xqueries of request and response.
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The replay answer
Hi Raju,
Proxy Service - It is the starting point of you OSB application which deal with receiving messages, inducing logic in it like transformation, if-else, replace, java call outs,etc. You can put in your program logic here and then invoke a business service to route it to your Database or to any other queue as per your requirement.
Business Service - It is generally used for routing purposes, like inserting the input in your Database or sending it to a different queue or BPEL process, etc..

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