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Can I get a notice when the files are downloaded by the recipient? And other issues...

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The older SendNow app notifies me by email whenever I have successfully sent a file, and another email when the recipient has downloaded the file. With Adobe Send, I get only an email notice that the recipient has "viewed my shared files" which

The older SendNow app notifies me by email whenever I have successfully sent a file, and another email when the recipient has downloaded the file.
With Adobe Send, I get only an email notice that the recipient has "viewed my shared files" which is kind of vague. I would like to know for certain that the client has actually downloaded the file. I know that I can log into the Acrobat site and "View Full Activity" for each file transfer, but it would be great to get an email notice or a text message.
I hate to say it, but I still feel like we have taken a step backwards with this app, compared to SendNow. It is nice that the recipient can preview the file before downloading it. That seems to be the only benefit so far that I can see. But not having a memorized email address book can make the process very tedious.
Another minor frustration: Whenever I log in to the Acrobat or SendNow site, there is a box that asks if I want to 'Stay signed in'. I click it every time since this is my own private computer, but I always have to log in anyway.
When the Adobe Send app first launched, I had problems with it failing. It was VERY frustrating because the status bar would seem normal until the very end before kicking out a fail notice. It happened mostly with larger files or with multiple files. So, I would wait a long time only to have to do it all over again. the entire process would fail.  For example, if I sent six large files, and only one of the files was problematic, the entire transaction failed. The app would not identify the specific failed file. Why couldn't the app allow the good files to go through? I have no idea if this is resolved, but because of this, I have only used the SendNow app.
well, is anyone there??

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