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Can't get texts from one person

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Does anyone know of anything I could try to help me receive texts from someone that I previously received texts from just fine? About 2 weeks ago a friend of mine and I noticed that neither of our texts were being received by the other.  He uses an i

Does anyone know of anything I could try to help me receive texts from someone that I previously received texts from just fine?
About 2 weeks ago a friend of mine and I noticed that neither of our texts were being received by the other.  He uses an iPhone and I use a Galaxy S3.  I'm on Verizon and he's on AT&T.
We're both able to send/receive from other people who use differing brands of devices (ie I can send/receive from other iPhone users and he can send/receive from other Android users) as well as both of us being able to send and receive from users from other carriers (ie I can send/receive from other AT&T users and he can send/receive from other Verizon users).
Both of us have done a factory reset on our phones, made sure we've got the most up to date software etc.
He's tried disabling iMessage which didn't help.
The only things that I can find online about this are for people who used to have iPhones and now have Androids and their iMessage account is still tied to their number which causes issues.  This is not the issue for me as I've always been an Android user and up until about 2 weeks ago we could send/receive to and from each other just fine.
Let me know if anyone has any thoughts!

The replay answer
Thanks for the response!  Neither of us have made any changes or updates to our phone (other than any automatic phone updates, but I don't think any of those would have happened for either of us in the last couple of weeks).  We both tried sending a text to the phone number rather than a saved contact but none of the messages made it through.
We both use the default messaging application on our phones.
Thanks for any assistance!

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