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Can't see eps in FM 11

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I suspect that the kind folks who answer questions here will be sick of this (relative) newbie after a few more questions, but I do search these things out first, I promise... So, I needed to import some eps files into a document. I initially tried i

I suspect that the kind folks who answer questions here will be sick of this (relative) newbie after a few more questions, but I do search these things out first, I promise...
So, I needed to import some eps files into a document. I initially tried import by reference, then tried copy into document. Either way, all I get is a shaded grey box and not the size it should be. I need to place text over these images, so I need to see them in the flow. How can I do that, or what am I doing wrong?
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The replay answer
Be very careful! Adobe Illustrator is not a general purpose EPS file editor!!
If you use Adobe Illustrator to open an EPS file not originally created by Illustrator (such as a PDF file exported from InDesign, Acrobat, Photoshop, or even the Windows PostScript driver, you can cause serious corruption of the content including color changes, loss of embedded fonts, conversion of text to outlines, etc.
Better to have a grey box for display than corrupted printed output!
     - Dov

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