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Can't see pictures when opening other mans Illustrator files

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I'm pretty new at working with Illustrator. And I already stumbled upon some problems. Normally I use google to find the answer, but this time I have no idea how to google for it. So what ist the problem? For my work I needed to design an illustratio

I'm pretty new at working with Illustrator. And I already stumbled upon some problems. Normally I use google to find the answer, but this time I have no idea how to google for it. So what ist the problem?
For my work I needed to design an illustration where I also used pictures from my computer. We have a server on which all the computers are connected, however I first saved my Illustrator file on my computer and later exported it to the server. When some else tries to open the file they can't see the pictures I used. So what do I need to do? I the only solution to save the pictures on the servers as well and replace them on the file? Or is there an option to save the pictures within the files.
Thanks for your time and help! It's much appreciated! 

The replay answer
If people are saving files to a common server it is a good idea to keep images in the same folder as the Illustrator files.
Also don’t mix Mac and Windows. If you are using Macs for working on, use a Mac server. If Windows, use a Windows server.
Illustrator doesn’t like saving to remote servers much, but if you follow the above you should avoid problems for the most part.

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