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Can we check CLOB datatype to null?

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Hi , i want check clob datatype to null so i have used decode(col1,null,n1,n2) executes the query but it gives nothing ..doesn't return data only show o .. can you please tell me how to do ?Take a look at

Hi ,
i want check clob datatype to null so i have used decode(col1,null,n1,n2) executes the query but it gives nothing ..doesn't return data only show o ..
can you please tell me how to do ?

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Take a look at

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Can we check CLOB datatype to null?

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Hi , i want check clob datatype to null so i have used decode(col1,null,n1,n2) executes the query but it gives nothing ..doesn't return data only show o .. can you please tell me how to do ?Take a look at[More]

Clob DataType, NULL and ADO

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Hello, First, I'm french so my english isn't very good I have a problem with Oracle Clob DataType. When I try to put NULL value to CLOB DataType with ADO, changes aren't not made. "SELECT ....", adocn, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic rs.F[More]

LogMiner puzzle - CLOB datatype

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Hello, everybody! Sorry for the cross-post here and in "Database\SQL and PL/SQL" forum, but the problem I am trying to dig is somewhere between those two areas. I need a bit of an advice whether the following behavior is wrong an requires SR to[More]

A clob datatype and LogMiner question?

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HI, I am using Logminer to caputer all DMLs agaist rows with clob datatype, find a problem. --log in as scott/tiger conn scott/tiger SQL> desc clobtest Name Null? Type SNO NUMBER CLOBTYPE CLOB --make a update update clobtest set CLOBTYPE = 'Hello New[More]

Problem on CLOB datatype after import

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I got problem and call to Oracle support and they use DUL for extract data from datafile to dump file and I import everything is done and no error but when I check in CLOB datatype that have space(blank character) separate each character see below Or[More]


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Hello Everyone, Before I go to my question let me give you the context. I wanted to upload the description of a set of products with their IDs into my database. Hence I created a table 'demo' with two columns of INT and CLOB datatypes using the follo[More]

Importing CLOB datatype

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Dear All, I'm facing a problem whle importing a table (specifically a column with CLOB datatype) to the existing tablespace as explained below. Kindly let me know the solution, you can mail me to [email protected] Importing a CLOB datatype from a dif[More]

CLOB Datatype (Assgin more than 32k fails)

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Dear All Can anyone tell me why i am getting this error if i assign more than 32k character to clob variable in pl/sql but i can assign it from table to a variable Pl/sql 1(ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small)[More]

CLOB Datatype with JDBC Adapter

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Hi, we try to fill a Clob Datatype to JDBC Database. We try 2 ways with the JDBC Adapter: action="SQL_DML" with an SQL Statment and $placeholders$ But how can i say the key element that it is a CLOB type? He used this a VARCHAR and there a not m[More]

Using CLOB datatypes in WHERE clause

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Hi All, I have a table with two columns as CLOB datatype. I'm using Oracle 8i Enterprise Edition. I can do a query, insert, update and even delete the data in the CLOB field using Oracle's SQL Plus. What I want is to do a search on those fields.. tha[More]

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