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Can you have a different theme for different pages?

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I'd like to combine themes in my book I'm creating but I'm not able to lock the individual page themes so that I don't have to have each page be the same theme. Any way around this?No, you have to stick with one theme for a given book. OTRead other 2

I'd like to combine themes in my book I'm creating but I'm not able to lock the individual page themes so that I don't have to have each page be the same theme. Any way around this?

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No, you have to stick with one theme for a given book.

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Problem with threads within applet

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Hello, I got an applet, inside this applet I have a singleton, inside this singleton I have a thread. this thread is running in endless loop. he is doing something and go to sleep on and on. the problem is, when I refresh my IE6 browser I see more th[More]

Problem with threads and graphics

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I have a thread that chooses paths for a Travelling salesman problem, it then calls a TSPdraw class and passes it the path, which the class then draws. the problem is when i have two threads it creates two windows but only draws a path in one of them[More]

Three movies I bought from iTunes this morning do not show up on the 1st Gen AppleTV.

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I understand some file formats are not compatible with AppleTV (1st gen) but these films were purchased directly from iTunes.  One would assume they are formatted properly to work on Apple equipment, yes?  Previously purchased movies show up on the A[More]

How do I use Edge Web Fonts with Muse?

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How do I use Edge Web Fonts with Muse - is it an update to load, a stand alone, how does it interface with Muse? I've updated to CC but have no info on this.Hello, Is there a reason why you want to use Edge Web Fonts with Adobe Muse? Assuming you wis[More]

Downloads to wrong folder

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Hello, When I sync music or podcasts onto my ipod nano (4th generation 16 GB) from my powerbook (OS X 10.4.11) using itunes (9.0.2) it appears, on the summary page of itunes, to be downloading into the correct blue audio folder however once the ipod[More]

Can not refresh view data in STRUST

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I am using the JSP (STRUTS) for developing my App. I get a list of contact. In bellow it, I make a link for each contacts. When i view details of one contact. On click link below. My pages: listcontact.jsp contactdetails.jsp When i request a details[More]

Timeouts and "cancelled" notifications...

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Greetings, We are using the standard (unmodified) version of the iExpense workflows (11.5.5 on Windows, WF 2.6.1), and have a curious and annoying problem... 1. User submits expense report 2. "Approval Request" notification times-out (after 5 da[More]

Print Quote Report

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Hi All, I have a requirement to develop the custom print Quote Report. When i review the standard pring quote report ,I found a call like <?call-template:TermsTemplate?>. This statment itself is getting all the Terms and Conditions for that report.[More]

XML Quote report

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We have a problem with our XML Quote report that cuts off the report at 26 pages when it should go to about 200 pages. We have another report the Acknowledge Quote and it works fine.Finally we found the solution for this problem. 1. Open qotSCocPrint[More]

Safari doesn't open and comes up with this error report.

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Please help. Process:         Safari [474] Path:            /Applications/ Identifier: Version:         7.0.4 (9537.76.4) Build Info:      WebBrowser-7537076004000000~3 Code Type:       X86-64 (Na[More]

Help my safari doesnt open and gives me a crash report

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help my safari doesn't open and gives me a crash report ever since i downloaded a file from the internet. I have a macbook air (early 2014) with running os x yosemite version 10.10.1There is no need to download anything to solve this problem. You may[More]

I have an iphone 4s.  Is there any way to keep the flash from going off when you receive a text or other notification?  I keep it next to my bed at night and keep thinking there is lightning when something comes thru.  LOLGo to Settings>General>Acce [More]
Hello, will installing windows 8.1 using Palelles 9 slow down my new 2013 MacBook Air  128 ssd with 8g ram ? Also will installing windows cut down on the battery life ( hours per use after a charge ) ?  Thank youUpdate: I just tried with Windows 8 vi [More]
I am currently trying to use sql loader to load data from flat files that was extracted from sybase using bcp and delimited with pipes. There are text and varchar columns that contain carriage return line feeds. I want to preserve these, but I can no [More]
hallow i wont to change  the name of table (in qa) that i do select in new debugger how i can do that? RegardsI assuming that ur in ECC 6.0. In ECC 6.0 debugger screen u can find 4 tabs. 1.variables1 2.variables2 3.locals 4.Globals In variables tabs [More]
I want youtube back and I deleted it while it was upgrading but is there that you can cancel the upgrade that it is doing so I can have youtube back? is the a way to get an app back once you delete that app?Again, all I can say in this Apple forum is [More]
i am about to upgrade my ipod and want to give my old ipod nano to a friend. what do i need to do so thay can use it on their computer and create their own itunes account?Connect it to iTunes, select the Nano in the "devices" column and click &q [More]
I use a file adapter to write files into a directory, but I found some files are disappear. I use SXMB_MONI to check, there is no error. And I use runtime workbench to check the log, it only shows the log in 1hr. Could I see the entire file adapter l [More]
Dear friends, We have got the service agreement with the transporters for transporting materials to our company. I created a Service contract. Then i release the Purchase order against the Contarct for the distance he transported. And i do service en [More]
Hi, I have a 12-core 2.93GHz Mac Pro and need to add another monitor. So right now my current set up is a 24" ACD, a Dell u2311h, and some 1080p TV running off a 5870. I have heard that whenever you add another monitor, in cuts the amount of video RA [More]
Hello, I am currently in college and need to upgrade my laptop. I have never owned a macbook before but some of my friends have them and they love them. I am a music major and I just added a photography minor. I need a laptop that can handle editing [More]