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Captivate 6 trial

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I am looking for a trial of Captivate 6 (64 bit) and only see Captivate 7you can download Captivate 6 from : Please follow the Very Important Instruction given on the p

I am looking for a trial of Captivate 6 (64 bit) and only see Captivate 7

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you can download Captivate 6 from :
Please follow the Very Important Instruction given on the page before clicking on software download link.

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Captivate 7 trial - inserting Youtube videos.

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Hi, I am trying to insert a Youtube video in a project I am producing using the trial version of Captivate 7.  The Youtube interaction does not even appear when I run the project.  And if I try using the Caption & Content slide, it doesn't accept the[More]

Can Adobe Captivate free trial version convert Japanese text memo

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Ownload the 30 day Captivate 8 trial. The download obviously didn't work and it's now stuck going nowhere in my system, calling itself "Resume Download etc". I've looked at all the trouble shooting pages to no avail. Anyone know how I can find a real pers

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I've just opened an Adobe ID and tried to download the 30 day Captivate 8 trial. The download obviously didn't work and it's now stuck going nowhere in my system, calling itself "Resume Download etc". I've looked at all the trouble shooting page[More]

Adobe captivate 4, (Trial Version)

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I'm trying to install Captivate 4 (trial Version) and its stuck on "Adobe Captivate 4 Installer: Initialization 90%" At the bottom it says; "Checking System profile" I have tried most of the suggestions on the support page to no avail.[More]

Captivate 8 trial download

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It's asking what to open captivate 8 trial; download with? What do I say?Hi , Welcome to Adobe Forums ! Were you able to download both the files (.exe and .7z) ? This message comes when you don't have correct application to open files with these exte[More]

Can't open Adobe Captivate 8 trial.

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Can't open Adobe Captivate 8 trial. Error reads: The procedure entry point NormalizeString could not be located in the dynamic library link KERNEL32.dll. I'm into my trial and can't even get into the program. Any thoughts or recommendations on how I[More]

Re-installing Captivate 6 Trial After System Restore

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Hello All, I installed the Captivate 6 trial (over Captivate 5.5) last Friday with 0 problems. This weekend I had major issues with my video card driver after changing my resolution and scaling in the Catalyst Control Center. After the system restore[More]

Why doesn't Captivate 7 (trial version) open on my Mac after installation?

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I have installed Captivate 7 trial version. I double click the icon to launch, however nothing. I have restarted, and same thing. I did read something about launching from Flash drives, however I did not read further, as I intended to fully install o[More]

Can't Install Captivate 4 Trial

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I am trying to install the Captivate 4 Trial (I have Captivate 3 on another laptop). Upon setup I get error message, "Installation can't proceed until the following applications are closed: AdobeCaptivate.exe" But I do not have Captivate running[More]

Captivate 7 (Trial): Multi-SCORM Packager

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I recently downloaded Captivate 7 - Trial to check out the Muti-SCORM Packager. On clicking this feature, a window pops open, but it is completely greyed out. Is this feature unavailable on the trial version? Please Help!Hello, Welcome to Adobe Forum[More]

Captivate 3 Trial Safe to Install Alongside Captivate 2?

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I have XP SP2 and am having a heck of a bad time with Captivate 2 being very unstable. Is it safe to download and use the Captivate 3 trial version without removing Captivate 2?Hi geekygURL I would echo my fellow Community Expert Steve's comments. I[More]

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