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Change of time dependent data

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Hi Experts, I have a cocode,for which BA financial statements are activated and also cross co code cost accounting is activated. we are using dep area 31 . for this company code time independent organisational units is activated. the issue: When i ch

Hi Experts,
I have a cocode,for which BA financial statements are activated and also cross co code cost accounting is activated.
we are using dep area 31 .
for this company code time independent organisational units is activated.
the issue:
When i change the  Cost center in the master data,a new doc is created.but when i see in asset explorer and click on a transaction to see the doc  i found LC2 currency(2nd local currency) is not updating.
other info:
the two cost centers(old and new) were assigned the same co code.cost center currency is sa me as co code currency.
exchange rates were maintained.when i see in the header data of teh doc i can see teh translation rate also.
what could be the reasons for not updating the LC2 column.

The replay answer
Is area 31 set up for the 2nd local currency?  We need to have a depreciation area set up for 2nd local currency.

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