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Clear contents between tables

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Hi everyone, I need some help with a macro im doing. I have some documents with 150 pages with tables each and some text between them.  Basicly i need a macro to do this: Delete the text between tables (Except for the paragraphs with just "ABC"

Hi everyone,
I need some help with a macro im doing.
I have some documents with 150 pages with tables each and some text between them. 
Basicly i need a macro to do this:
Delete the text between tables (Except for the paragraphs with just "ABC" or "DEF");
Delete the text between table and the paragraphs with "ABC" or "DEF"; 
Format (fill with Grey the first row) the tables after "ABC" and keep the format the tables after "DEF"
I don´t know if its possible, but i think it might be :)
I hope someone can help me :)
Many thanks!
PS: I did an example but i can´t show it until you are able to verify my account. 

The replay answer
I was thinking that the statement FREE MEMORY might help, but no, it does not clear all of the internal tables.  The only way I suppose is this.
report zrich_0002.
data: it0011 type table of t001.
data: it0012 type table of t001.
data: it0013 type table of t001.
select * into table it0011 from t001.
select * into table it0012 from t001.
select * into table it0013 from t001.
refresh: it0011, it0012, it0013.
Rich Heilman

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