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Collapsible panels to show/hide tr .. /tr ?

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Is it possible to have 2 table rows per data record where one cell in the first tr is the tab and the 2nd tr is the content? like this +-----+-------+-------+-----+ | tab | xxxx | yyyy | zzz | +-----+-------+-------+-----+ |lorem ipsum ceterum | |cen

Is it possible to have 2 table rows per data record where one
cell in the first tr is the tab and the 2nd tr is the content?
like this
| tab | xxxx | yyyy | zzz |
|lorem ipsum ceterum |
|censeo Carthaginem |
| data record ... |
This structrure is used for each dataset row. I want the
first cell ("tab") to be the clickable tab and the colspanning data
to be the content to hide/show.
Opera 9.5 and FF3 show very strange screen actions ....
Doesn't need to be a table, but <divs> seem to be too
complicated ...
Thanks in advance.

The replay answer
Thanks for your help, nearly worked but only returned results where the if statement was met ie where locked =0, so I used an additional statement to display something else when when locked=1
if($row_spec_rx['locked'] == 1) {
echo "button html goes here";
if($row_spec_rx['locked'] == 0) {
echo "something else";
I am sure there must be a more elegant way of doing this!

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Is it possible to have 2 table rows per data record where one cell in the first tr is the tab and the 2nd tr is the content? like this +-----+-------+-------+-----+ | tab | xxxx | yyyy | zzz | +-----+-------+-------+-----+ |lorem ipsum ceterum | |cen[More]

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