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Complex if statement in rtf template?

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Hello, I want to build an if statement in rtf template, the idea is like: <?if:address!='' and phone!=''?> <?end if?> what's the correct way to do it if it is possible? Thanks in advance! Shichaostevencallan wrote: Conditional statements, in t

I want to build an if statement in rtf template, the idea is like:
<?if:address!='' and phone!=''?>
<?end if?>
what's the correct way to do it if it is possible? Thanks in advance!

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stevencallan wrote:
Conditional statements, in the user guide or the report developer guide, depending on the version you use.
Page 7-62 in the user guide:
Use an if statement to define a simple condition; for example, if a data field is a specific value.
1. Insert the following syntax to designate the beginning of the conditional area.
2. Insert the following syntax at the end of the conditional area: <?end if?>.
For example, to set up the Payables Invoice Register to display invoices only when the Supplier name is "Company A", insert the syntax <?if:VENDOR_NAME='COMPANYA'?> before the Supplier field on the template.
Enter the <?end if?> tag after the invoices table.Thanks for the reply. But what about two conditions in one if statement? That was my question. :)

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Hello, I want to build an if statement in rtf template, the idea is like: <?if:address!='' and phone!=''?> <?end if?> what's the correct way to do it if it is possible? Thanks in advance! Shichaostevencallan wrote: Conditional statements, in t[More]

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