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Concern on Message Mapping - Concat function

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Hello Experts, We have a concern in our message mapping structure. The target field is "Sold-To id" at line level and source filed is "Customer No" which appears in the header node. We are using a series of concat functions while mappi

Hello Experts,
We have a concern in our message mapping structure. The target field is "Sold-To id" at line level and source filed is "Customer No" which appears in the header node. We are using a series of concat functions while mapping these two fields. Now,  the issue is that the second concact function's input queue does not read all the values passed from the first concat function's output queue. We have checked their respective contexts but could not find the cause of this behaviour.
Due to this the mappiing fails and the target field is not populated with the required values.
Kindly advice.
Thanks in advance,
Elizabeth Jacob.

The replay answer
Hi Elizabeth,
You have
1 KUNNR value
2. VTWEG values
2  SPART values
And you wan two output to be generated (1 for each concatenated value of KUNNR, VTWEG and SPART). Is this right??
If yes then use the node function useoneasmany with KUNNR, so that KUNNR get repeated twice(one for each value of VTWEG and SPART)
Your mappign shoudl be like this
KUNNR --------------------------------|
VTWEG (context line)----------------| useoneasmany---------------------------------------| concat -----------------------------------| concat
VTWEG( do not change context) --|                      VTWEG( do not change context) --|      SPART do not change context) --|

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Concern on Message Mapping - Concat function

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