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Connecting wirelessly to net

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My Ibook G4 looks beautiful and works like a dream, but I've had problems setting it up to surf the net wirelessly. I've got a Netgear DG434G router and WG111v2 wireless adaptor for my main PC. There's no ethernet port on main PC (normal Windows PC)

My Ibook G4 looks beautiful and works like a dream, but I've had problems setting it up to surf the net wirelessly.
I've got a Netgear DG434G router and WG111v2 wireless adaptor for my main PC. There's no ethernet port on main PC (normal Windows PC) so I was advised to use one on iBook. I can surf on iBook and main PC seems to recognise wireless network because I can surf on that as well.
But when I pull out ethernet cable connection goes. What do I have to do to get it to work without cable? I thought the 14-inch was set up for wireless. We're broadband, by the way

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Hi again Paul,
"By the way, my son's Nintendo DS seems to recognise network."
Now that would really annoy me, lol...
Good news that you've actually got an Airport card anyway.
A few things to try:
1) Idiot question first... Are you absolutely sure that you are entering the network name & PW correctly. Caps lock off etc (sorry )
2) According to some third party wifi access points need to have a $ sign put in front of the hexadecimal key or if you are using a 'word' putting it in double quotes, "comme ça".
3) With ethernet disconnected, Go to System Preferences>Network>Airport, click on the 'Assist me...' button at the bottom. Some time ago, I tried to help someone here who was trying to connect to a totally open network in Sydney's airport lounge. Nothing worked until he ran the Network Assistant which then found & connected two networks!
4) Log into the router with the iBook connected via ethernet and temporarily disable security, (you don't mention which you are using btw, WEP, WPA?). Disconnect the ethernet and see if the ibook is able to connect wirelessly then.
If that works, reconnect the ethernet cable, log into the router, re-enable security and change the password. Disconnect the ethernet again and make sure that you can connect with the iBook wirelessly, entering the new PW when asked. You'll have to reset the password on the PC, then. Let's hope that the PC doesn't end up getting locked out, otherwise you'll be over on some Windows forum slagging me off
Try the above and post back with the results.
Best of luck
ibook G4 1GHz, 768mb; iMac 17" G4:768mb (10.3.9)   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   Belkin WiFi F5D7632

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