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Convert Smartform to Word

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I have a requiremnt to convert a smartform output generated to Word format. Apart from the font sizes, i have a logo generated in smartform which also needs to be converted in that word. Can anyone know about this or have done this requirement then p

I have a requiremnt to convert a smartform output generated to Word format. Apart from the font sizes, i have a logo generated in smartform which also needs to be converted in that word. Can anyone know about this or have done this requirement then please reply back.
Thanks & Regards,
Pankaj Dwivedi

The replay answer
<u>A example for you</u>
CALL FUNCTION fm_name   " '/1BCDWB/SF00000031'
           control_parameters         = control_parameters
           output_options             = output_options
           s_header                   = st_header
           job_output_info            = output_data
              it_overdue                 = ITAB[]
             formatting_error           = 1
             internal_error             = 2
             send_error                 = 3
             user_canceled              = 4
             OTHERS                     = 5
now convert the final document (OTF format) into PDF
        format                = 'DOC'
        bin_filesize          = v_pdf_len
        otf                   = output_data-otfdata
        lines                 = pdf_table
        err_max_linewidth     = 1
        err_format            = 2
        err_conv_not_possible = 3
        err_bad_otf           = 4
        OTHERS                = 5.
Downloading the PDF file to the local Server
        DATA_TAB = lt_pdf_nuc_data
       NO_BATCH         = 2
       INVALID_TYPE = 4
       NO_AUTHORITY = 5
       UNKNOWN_ERROR = 6
       HEADER_TOO_LONG = 10
       DP_ERROR_CREATE = 11
       DP_ERROR_SEND = 12
       DP_ERROR_WRITE = 13
       UNKNOWN_DP_ERROR = 14
       ACCESS_DENIED = 15
       DP_OUT_OF_MEMORY = 16
       DISK_FULL = 17
       DP_TIMEOUT = 18
       FILE_NOT_FOUND = 19
       OTHERS = 22           .
    IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.
Hope this helps you

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