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Core center readings VS. Bios readings ?

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Hi there, I am getting a core centre alarm saying my +12V is at 1.74V only! The wierd thing is when i cehcked the bios system health tab all reading were ok for both +12 and -12. What is the correct reading? the Core centre one or the bios? See my si

Hi there,
I am getting a core centre alarm saying my +12V is at 1.74V only!
The wierd thing is when i cehcked the bios system health tab all reading were ok for both +12 and -12.
What is the correct reading? the Core centre one or the bios?
See my sig. For my PSU specs.
i got windows XP Pro with all drivers and bios updated to the latset with "live update 3" by MSI.
Thank you!

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You say  
Not sure if this is the problem as I do not put any faith in CoreCenter but what I can tell you for sure is your powersupply is severly underpowered on the 12v rail if you are using a prescott .
 If CoreCentre if not any good, should i trust PC alert 4?
And how come the health reading on the bios are all ok ?!?
thank you,

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