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CRIO code deployment from linux

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Hi, I have a cRIO running out in the field and the only computers permanently connected to it are GUI-less Linux machines. Currently to deploy new code to the cRIO, I go out to one of these Linux machines, steal its network cable, and plug it in to m

I have a cRIO running out in the field and the only computers permanently connected to it are GUI-less Linux machines. Currently to deploy new code to the cRIO, I go out to one of these Linux machines, steal its network cable, and plug it in to my laptop running Windows. It would be great if I could deploy new code to the cRIOs from one of these Linux machines. Can I simply copy my .rtexe and .lvbitx files over FTP to the cRIO? Does anyone know where I can find more information on this?

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Hi Maxwell,
What model of cRIO are you using? If you are using anything other than the cRIO-9068 or myRIO (these two run Linux RT as their OS), you can regularly ftp into the target and place the .rtexe in the ni-rt/startup folder(ftp://10.1.X.X/ni-rt/startup/). If you are using a cRIO with Linux RT, you must first install other software.
You could deploy the bitfile to the target in NI-MAX using the steps in this link.
It becomes a little more complicated to ftp the bitfile. One way to do it is to ftp the bitfile to a location on the cRIO and then modify your Open FPGA Reference VI in your RT app to look for that spot.  
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